Epic Dental Fresh Fruit Dental Gum - 1000ct
  • Epic Dental Fresh Fruit Dental Gum - 1000ct

    The natural flavour in the Fresh Fruit gum is Citrus Oil.
    Research shows that regular consumption of Xylitol prevents tooth decay by stopping acid attacks, reducing the growth of bacteria and decreasing the amount of plaque.
    The amount of Xylitol consumed has a direct impact on its dental benefits with dentists recommending 6-10 grams each day in order to achieve results. Naturally Sweet Products' Epic products contain more Xylitol per gram, in fact 45% more than any other brand, making it easier to reach this recommended intake and resulting in a more cost-effective solution.
    What does this mean for you?
    Epic products are not only more cost-effective for you but also have a superior taste, with excellent quality control over the end product.
    Recommended usage is 1-2 pieces after eating.