Birch xylitol – 500 g
  • Birch xylitol – 500 g

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    Xylitol is used in oral care to raise mouth pH making it more alkaline so that acids are neutralised and cannot attack enamel.
    Some people put ¼ teaspoon xylitol in the mouth and let it dissolve. For my family I make a water solution approximately ½ teaspoon per 100 ml to swich in the mouth. 
    I also put the solution in a small glass bottle to use as a spray when we go outside.
    Xylitol can be used for cooking as sugar substitute one to one, meaning 1 cup xylitol where recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar. Note that consumption of 50 grams of xylitol can cause diarrhea as xylitol draws water into intestine.
    Naturally Sweet Birch Xylitol is made from a product derived from birch. 
    Every teaspoon of Naturally Sweet Birch Xylitol also contains 40% fewer calories than sugar. It is also so slowly absorbed that it has almost no effect on blood sugar levels.
    Naturally Sweet Birch Xylitol is sourced from one of the world's major suppliers and actually meets pharmaceutical standards and is certified as GMO free.
    Naturally Sweet Xylitol has the following benefits:
    - 100% natural sweetener
    - Has a VERY low GI of only 7
    - Has no bitter aftertaste
    - Fights cavities and is recommended by Dentists
    - Freshens breath
    Made in the USA. Packed in Australia.
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