Bone broth & berries ice-cream

INGREDIENTS - 1 cup beef bone broth (1 kg organic marrow bones cut into small pieces, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and enough water to cover the bones. I cooked on low in pressure cooker for 4 hours and got 1 litre of very thick gelatinous broth. Remove fat.) - 1 cup frozen berries - 1 cup 30% fat cream - 30 drops pure monkfruit extract (or sweetener of your choice) INSTRUCTIONS - Warm the broth just a bit to make it liquid. - Process berries and pass through a sieve to get rid of skins and seeds if you like. - Whip cream to soft peaks. - Fold into berries and broth. - Add monkfruit/sweetener to taste. Mix everything and freeze using whatever method you like to make ice-cream. I stirred every 20 min several times until it reached a soft-serve consistency.

* The original dessert had dates for sweetness. * Monkfruit extract, which comes in liquid form, is a pure extract of the fruit. It does not raise blood glucose level. It has a bit of aftertaste so I don't like to add a lot of it.

* I have read that if you freeze your base in a plastic bag and then put it into a processor you will get a nice ice-cream texture.

* When fully frozen it becomes rock hard but after a few minutes it softens so you can serve it.

In the photo below you can see coconut cream. I made the first batch with it but did not like because it was overpowering for me.

The bone broth must be very gelatinous. You can use what is left for other meals you cook such as sauce.

Soft-serve tastes great and next day my daughter had a few servings. I am glad I am not denying her the pleasure of the cold dessert!

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